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Double-deck passenger transport

In the segment of double-deck passenger transport, Hitachi Rail not only offers the electric trains. To meet the needs of Trenitalia, it has also provided a new generation of double-decker coaches for regional transportation in the types of driving cars and intermediate trailer cars.
Made of steel, they have rational and reliable solutions to minimize investment costs in case of a specific locomotive fleet.

Double-deck passenger transport

High comfort

The new cars are designed to offer maximum comfort and functionality for the passenger, maximizing use of space and internal visibility. There also are the 220V sockets at the seat, LED lighting and the new information system for passengers. The driving car, equipped with an area for disabled passengers with dedicated toilet, is fitted with a device to facilitate the access even from low platforms. It also has a multifunctional area for the transport of bicycles, skis and bulky luggage.

Single-deck vehicles

The operators also need means regional capacity lower than that ensured by the solutions in 2 levels. Hitachi Rail also maintains significant experience in the sector of single-deck vehicles regional electric trains.