Very innovative shape and strongly connotative

It is a train that can combine technology and environment , comfort and safety , modernity and reliability.

Very innovative shape and strongly connotative

The new Regional Train "Caravaggio" Hitachi Rail

The name derives from one of the most famous Italian painters, Michelangelo Merisi, named «Caravaggio», an extraordinary and peculiar figure, considered a worldwide genius.

An innovative character with a unique vision of mankind in its human, physical and emotional statuses.

This double-deck train pays homage to this great painter and summarizes all these elements: technology and environment, comfort and safety, modernity and reliability.


Train length 136,84 m
Seats 656 + 2 wheel-chaired
Max power 3400 kW
Speed 160 km/h
Line Regional Lines of Italian Railways
Quantity Framework contract for 300 units
Configuration 4- and 5-car Electric Multiple Units
Power supply 3 kVdc




Italian Design

Architecture designed to transfer to passenger awareness of brighter areas