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Hitachi's mission is to develop highly innovative technological solutions able to satisfy the needs of sustainable and continuously changing mobility.

Hitachi Rail Italy competes in an international context offering high quality, safe, design and comfort products in order to guarantee the maximum reliability and the full customer satisfaction.

People, with their skills, experience and curiosity contribute to the success of Hitachi Rail Italy: this is why we are constantly looking for talents to whom offering concrete growth and development opportunities, in a global and dynamic context.

Hitachi Rail Italy guarantees and promotes human rights wherever it operates, ensuring equal opportunities and a healthy and safe working environment for all, regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or religion.

Job opportunities

Check for current job opening in Hitachi Rail Italy:

Quality Expert

QAC – NA/RC  Date 27/02/2018 – Quality Assurance & Certification (Italy – Napoli/Reggio Calabria)


Rams & Certification Expert

DEN-PT-CSE - Date 31/10/2017 – Design Engineering (Italy – Pistoia)


Electrical Vehicle Engineer

DEN-NA-ELE – Date 31/10/2017 – Design Engineering (Italy – Napoli)


Service Foreman

SMA-NA-OPC – Date 31/10/2017 – Service & Maintenance (Italy – Napoli)


Maintenance Technician

SMA-NA-OPT – Date 31/10/2017 – Service & Maintenance (Italy – Napoli)


Project Manager

SSPM-PT-PRM - Date 28/11/2017  –  Program Management (Italy – Pistoia)


Spontaneous application

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