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Our products are technology that runs on the tracks. Our plants are the place where ideas, researches and studies are brought together to create more and more innovative solutions with less impact on the environment.

Our people are men and women united by the passion and desire to contribute, day after day, to "inspire the world"​.

In Hitachi Rail we work to improve the society we live in through trains, metros, trams and service and maintenance activities that connect people and cities with maximum safety, reliability and comfort. Our customers are partners with whom to share this commitment, so we aim to have relationships based on trust, lasting over time.

We are proud to be Italian, to have a Japanese shareholder and an English management and control. We operate in the world: we have plants, products and maintenance depots that make us present from the west to the east.

We look at the world, we stimulate ideas, we value skills, we anticipate the needs of the market: this has allowed us to mark important milestones in the history of railway and metro transport. We are leader in the manufacturing of automatic metros: our driverless cars runs in Europe, America and Asia.

In Italy we have revolutionized the high speed with the Frecciarossa 1000 and we are now working to change the regional transport. A new tram, equipped with a technology able to ensure full harmony with the architecture and the artistic heritage, will change the urban mobility of many cities in the world.
We have been innovating for over 160 years.

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