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The comfort of a daily trip

Regional transport is often used to travel from home to work or school and it is addressed to an extremely demanding public.
The train must meet the aesthetic standards in line with the times, it must be cool, beautiful, cushy, comfortable, safe and quickly reach the destination.

The comfort of a daily trip

High comfort

Hitachi Rail offers the traveler the opportunity to use practical trains, with aesthetic standards related to the excellence of the Made in Italy, comfortable, speedy, fast and reliable.
For Hitachi Rail the rail product has a far origin, since in the late 70s were built the innovative “commuting” trains of the GAI family - “Gruppo Aziende Italiane” - and subsequent derivatives (Ale 724, 582 and 642 for the Italian State Railways and the E750 series for the Ferrovie Nord).

They were radically new single-deck vehicles, in light alloy, with DC/DC chopper propulsion system, that suddenly made old the rolling stock then used, consisting mostly of old cars pulled by heavy locomotives. On this basis it was conceived a real double-deck platform, created to ensure a fast mass transfer in very large cities, in areas distant from each other or between the suburbs and the urban centers.