ETR 1000


New Frecciarossa

The ETR 1000 is the train manufactured  by Hitachi Rail, on behalf of the Italian State Railways designed to reach a top speed of 400 km/h and suitable to operate on the European network. It is a new technological jewel made in Italy able to shorten times and distances.

New Frecciarossa

The aerodynamic design and the state of the art solutions for energy saving, beyond ensuring unmatched operational efficiency, guarantee to the ETR 1000 more than a record: the fastest train ever mass-produced in Europe, with the best acceleration, noiseless, less vibrations and low environmental impact.

The reduced aerodynamic resistance, the result of simulations and studies conducted in the wind tunnel, limit the energy consumption and the noise. The use of light alloys for vehicle carshells and for the furniture, beyond providing an optimal ratio mass/power, will allow at the end of the life of the vehicles the material recovery with reduced impact on the environment. Hitachi Rail is leader of the project. Bombardier is the partner.

Further distinctive features of the frecciarossa 1000:

Conception of “open tube” spaces through provision of technical equipment on the roof and underbody
Highly modular interiors with easy reconfiguration through rails on the floor
Evolved Information system for passengers
Indoor LED Lighting
High thermal and acoustic insulation
Wi-Fi Connectivity
New diagnosis system for maintenance “on condition”


The most beautiful train in the world stems from a design-oriented eco-design: high performance with 85% of recyclable materials and 95% renewable materials.

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With a completely made in Italy style, the ETR 1000 has been defined as "the most stunning train in the world". The design was inspired by the desire to create a plain, attractive and elegant solution able to remain relevant over time.


It is designed to travel on the high-speed networks in Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium) overcoming infrastructural limitations, in particular the different power supplies and the several types of signaling.


The train offers high thermal and acoustic insulation, LED lighting, climate control, food service, suitable access for people with reduced mobility, on-board monitor, Wi-Fi and sockets for PCs.


Not only speed, but also comfort, quality and safety. The ETR 1000 bogie are equipped with solutions that optimize travel quality by offering a level of comfort that, evaluated through mathematical models and test simulations, portends to be by far the highest for the latest generation of High Speed vehicles.