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Type of vehicle: 3-carbody articulated vehicle, bidirectional
Bogies: 4 articulated type of which 3 motor bogies and 1 trailer bogie
Wheelbase of bogies: 2,100 mm
Length of vehicle: 40,000 mm
Max width: 2,650 mm
Max height: 3,967 mm
Height of floor from tor: 1,11 5 mm
Gauge: 1,000 mm
Maximum load per axle: 13,500 Kg
Tare weight: 69960 Kg
Full load weight in operation: 10 1110 Kg
Max speed: 120 Km/h
Acceleration: 1,1 m/s2
Deceleration: 1,2 m/s2 (1,3 m/s2 in emergency)
Multiple service: Option of multiple coupling up to 3 ETR
Passenger boarding doors: 12 (6 per side) double leaf of the expulsion and sliding type
Transport capacity: 445 passengers (of which 48 seated)
Wheelchair areas: 2 (1 for each end car)
Contact line voltage: 3.000 V DC
Pantograph: 1 (asymmetrical with carbon collector, f or both directions)
Type of motor: MT A A4 – 170V self-ventilated three-phase 4 -pole asynchronous cage type motor with star connection. Insulation class 200 °C
Total number of motors: 2 mot ors in each motor bogie powered in parallel from each inverter con vertor, IGBT with natural ventilation cooling