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Ultra modern trains

When it comes to High-Speed today you think of ultra modern trains of our days that allow super quick trips fostering the hectic pace typical of this century. Still talking about high speed, it  also  means  going  back  in time.  Italy  holds  in  fact  a  record at European level: it was the first country to launch the construction  of  a  high  speed  line.

Ultra modern trains

It  was  June  the  25 th, 1970 when it was placed the foundation stone of the “Direttissima” Rome - Florence near the river Paglia, where it would then  been  built  the  longest viaduct of the whole line.

In the last century, during the Second World War, the railway infrastructure  suffered  destruction and damage that put a strain on the system that, at the  end  of  the  war,  called  for immediate reconstruction.

In the early sixties, the country definitely  aimed  to  transform its  economy  from  agriculture to  industry  and  the  engineering industry set up the basis for a powerful economic development  that  would  mark  the coming  years  in  the field  of land transport.

Those were the years in which the  process  of  “motorization of  the  Italian  families”  took life and Hitachi Rail has undoubtedly  been  a  forerunner, a pioneer in the development of trains that provide high-speed services.

Below is an overview of the most representative og high-speed trains.

ETR 1000

The Frecciarossa 1000 is born, the train built by Hitachi Rail in partnership with Bombardier on behalf of the Italian State Railways that, in 2014, will run at a maximum speed of 400 km/h and it is designed to operate on the European network. The new technological jewel, made in Italy, will completely revolutionize the rail transport.

It will be possible to go from Rome to Milan in just 2 hours and 20 minutes, thus improving the quality of the business of those who travel for work, but also the journey of those who travel for leisure, which can now have lunch in one of the two cities and conveniently return home for dinner.

The aerodynamic design and the state of the art solutions for energy saving, beyond ensuring unmatched operational efficiency, guarantee to the Frecciarossa 1000 more than a record: in addition to being the fastest train ever mass-produced in Europe, it will also have the best acceleration, it will be the quietest, the one with less vibrations and less environmental impact.

The reduced aerodynamic resistance, the result of simulations and studies conducted in the wind tunnel, will limit the energy consumption and the noise.

The use of light alloys for vehicle carshells and for the furniture, beyond providing an optimal ratio mass/power, will allow at the end of the life of the vehicles the material recovery with reduced impact on the environment.

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