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Inaugural Journey of the First of the Rock Regional Trains’ Fleet Manufactured by Hitachi Rail for Trenitalia

Napoli - 14 June 2019

The first Rock train is ready to operate and serve passengers of the Italian Region Emilia Romagna

The inaugural trip will start from Piacenza to end in Bologna with stops in the cities of Parma, Reggio Emilia and Modena. Rock is the new double deck-regional train that Hitachi Rail is manufacturing for Trenitalia within the framework agreement signed on 3rd August 2016 for the supply of up to 300 high capacity trains. The overall contract value is approximately €3 bln.

Emilia Romagna is the first Italian Region that signed the framework agreement for the supply of 39 trains, followed by Veneto (47 trains), Liguria (28 trains), Tuscany (4 trains) and Lazio (17 trains) for a total amount of 135 already-ordered trains that are being realized in Hitachi Rail’s plants in Pistoia, Napoli and Reggio Calabria.

Rock marks a significant evolution of double deck high capacity trains circulating in Italy, especially in terms of reliability, energy savings and performance, with an acceleration that can be compared to a metro train. It is a new concept of commuter train with innovative technical features in terms of reliability and comfort of the internal spaces made brighter thanks to large windows.

Another improved feature is the accessibility, with wheelchairs areas placed nearby the points of entry/exit to reduce routes inside the cars and a movable step below the doors to fill the gap between the train and the platform. Moreover, the trains feature a large space for baggages and bikes and a technological information system onboard.

Maurizio Manfellotto, CEO Hitachi Rail SpA and Group COO Service and Maintenance Hitachi Rail said: “Rock is way more than a simple train, it is the symbol of a great project that puts commuters and everyone using the trains every day at the center. These regional trains represent the evolution of todays’ mobility that is always more oriented towards safety, sustainability and comfort.

This bases on a great cooperation established among us, Trenitalia, our customer and the Institutions.” Giuseppe Marino, Corporate Officer Hitachi Ltd and Group COO Rolling Stock Hitachi Rail said: “Rock train represents our commitment towards a modern and sustainable mobility, a necessary condition for the development of Italy and its cities where the train respects the environment and guarantees comfort and quality with high levels of safety. Rock summarizes the industrial transformation process of Hitachi Rail based on very modern and connected plants to deliver highly competitive products, like this train is.

During the inaugural journey there will be an Hitachi team on board to represent all the colleagues all over our plants that committed with enthusiasm and professionalism to this project.” Andrea Pepi, Group Head of PMO Hitachi Rail and Hitachi Rail Strategies, Sales & Program Management said: “This train is a challenge we started to take as from the bidding phase and that we faced through a team work scheme that involved all our plants and our competences.

This project is unprecedented in terms of economic investment and we managed to deliver ahead of schedule thanks to a great technological and logistical collaboration with our client Trenitalia and our suppliers, who accepted to face this challenge and its ambitious objectives in terms of performance, quality and production timings.

We aim at improving daily trips and lives of million people with innovative and comfortable trains with an eye for commuters, people with disabilities and families to stimulate the use of transports to travel.”Throughout the year, a preview of the made-in-Italy-look of the Rock train was showcased with a 1:1 mockup of the train during the road show events #lamusicastacambiando held in the most important Italian squares.

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