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HRI signed a contract worth 87 million Euros for further 12 Leonardo trains for Milan metro

These units are in addition to the 60 trains already ordered by Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM)

Download press release (pdf, 57Kb)

NAPLES (ITALY) - 16 July 2018

Rock: The New Trenitalia Regional Train Leaves Hitachi Rail Factory of Pistoia

Manfellotto:"Rock introduce the same transformation in regional transport that Frecciarossa 1000 represented in high speed"

Download press release (pdf, 118Kb)

Pistoia - 18 April 2018

HRI awarded EUR 50 million contract to supply eight new driverless trains for M1/M2 lines of Copenhagen Metro, Denmark

Manfellotto:"The contract signed in Copenhagen confirms our company's ability to offer products and services that provide a comfortable, safe and reliable journey for passengers"

Download press release (pdf, 48Kb)

Naples (ITA) - 13 March 2018

Toshiaki Higashihara, President & CEO of Hitachi, Ltd. Receives “Leonardo International Prize” in Italy

Toshiaki Higashihara: “Hitachi considers Italy to be an important market in the expansion of its global business, and it is a great honor to receive this award in recognition of Hitachi’s activities in Italy"

Download press release (pdf, 247Kb)

TOKYO (JAPAN) - 26 February 2018

New trains for GWR’s Devon and Cornwall route embark from Tuscany on pan-European journey

Manfellotto:"These trains, intended for UK, that leave the Italian factory are the emblem of the integration of the Hitachi Group Rail companies"

Download press release (pdf, 63Kb)

Pistoia (Italy) - 09 February 2018

Hitachi Rail Italy and Ansaldo STS in Atlatnta for APTA 2017

Manfellotto:"The technological innovation and reliability of our trains, coupled with our ability to comply with delivery times, make us able to best meet the needs of American mobility"

Download press release (pdf, 63Kb)

Atlanta (Georgia USA) - 09 October 2017
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