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Hitachi Rail Service and Maintenance

Hitachi Rail Service and Maintenance
  • Hitachi Rail is  a leader in rail technology and offers a wide after sales portfolio in the rail industry. Hitachi Rail delivers innovative products and services that improve total train performances both for operators and passengers. High standard has been set based on a long experience and qualified expertise.
  • Our service does not end with system delivery, we support operators and  maintain systems too, ensuring customers get the most from their assets. Maintaining system availability is crucial to ensuring an efficient and competitive rail operation.
  • With a team of highly skilled and qualified services personnel, Hitachi Rail consistently provides its customers with quality support throughout a system’s lifetime.

Hitachi Rail S&M Profile

Hitachi Rail offers a complete after-sale support for the operation of rail vehicles with a wide range of services and advanced solutions based on its technical capability and maintenance experience


Hitachi Rail S&M has extensive experience in railway and urban sector result of the integration of multiple skills, related to Operations and Maintenance Engineering.


Hitachi Rail S&M is aiming to develop highly innovative technological solutions and is able to respond to the evolving mobility needs in terms of safety, design, quality and comfort. Hitachi Rail has also developed a Control Room (CRHR) for monitoring its fleets and improve Condition Based Maintenance approaches.

Reliability & Availability

The precise quality controls and tests, static and dynamic, on maintenance activities give to the Hitachi Rail vehicles high reliability and safety. The right skills and operating models give to the Hitachi Rail's managed vehicles high availability. Maintenance engineering support give to Hitachi Rail vehicles high performance in terms of maintainability.