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Upgrading, full service and integrated logistics support

Hitachi Rail Italy aims to provide products that perfectly meet the demands of its customers by offering highly customized solutions that will meet the needs of each buyers.

Upgrading,  full service  and  integrated  logistics  support

Beginning  with  a  customer driven  organization,  in  which customers are at the heart of business  processes,  the  hub from which everything originates and where everything converges.

But not only. Hitachi Rail Italy is also  a  concentration  of  skilled, professional and capable resources, wherein customers may  believe,  resources  problem solving oriented, resources  that  accompany  clients throughout  the  life  cycle  of the  product  -  and  even  more - by offering services and high added  value  solutions  aimed at increasing their profitability and their business.

And  with  this  spirit  and  with this  philosophy,  Hitachi Rail Italy Service offers to its clients the services of upgradingfull service and  integrated  logistics  support  on spare parts.

The  revamping  activities  are related  to  general  renovation works  on  rolling  stock  (locomotives,  passenger  cars, etc.)  that  impact  all  vehicle systems,  including  structural works  on  the  car  in  order  to also modify the outward appearance.