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A streetcar named desire

The tram is the ideal means of transport. Practical for small or long commutes, simple, comfortable, runs through restricted traffic areas, faces the narrow alleys and returns to cities a better quality of life not producing polluting emissions.

A streetcar named desire

The Beginnings

An ancient object of desire born in 1602. Its founding father, Mr. Beaumont of Newcastle, in England, needed to transport coal from his mine to the river Tyne. So he invented a vehicle pulled by horses that ran on wood rails and for this reason was named ‘streetcar line’.

From here, the etymology of the word ‘streetcar line’. ‘Streetcar’ in fact goes back to the medieval Germanic word ‘trame’ which means beam or wood sleeper. So ‘streetcar line’ indicated a ‘line of beams’.

The first Italian horse-drawn streetcar line was activated in Turin in 1872, although the official inauguration took place only in 1877 in Rome in the route from Piazza del Popolo to Ponte Milvio along the Flaminia street.


The modern evolution of Mr. Beaumont streetcar is today called Sirio, the Hitachi Rail completely low floor streetcar platform. The Sirio has a variety of advantages: ride comfort, service proven technology, flexible product, high level of safety, easy and fast boarding, low environmental impact.

All expressed through a Made in Italy design. The top of the Italian industrial design - Pininfarina, the designer of Ferrari - has customized the Hitachi Rail streetcars making them not only aesthetically beautiful through the care, the attention to details and the selection of materials, but also safe and optimal in terms of performance. The driver’s cabin has a very broad glass in front which allows to have excellent visibility.

The total low floor allows an easy boarding and a good movement inside, facilitating standing passengers. The interior layouts are totally reconfigurable to meet all customer requirements in terms of capacity, comfort and type of service.

Power supply

Hitachi Rail also provides different types of power. From the classic catenary, to the supercapacitors on board, to the ground power supply. The supercapacitor is a system for the recovery of energy that allows a savings, a greater efficiency of the service and a more sustained respect for the environment. Seen from the outside it is a box, a parallelepiped shape, placed on the roof of the streetcar. The retrieved energy allows to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by 4.5 tons per year, which is equivalent to planting 435 new trees in the city. Furthermore, the supercapacitor allows the Sirio to operate in the absence of catenary, with a slightly reduced performance.


The TramWave is a traction power supply system with the contact line on the ground, without catenary. The system, in addition to allowing the same performance of the streetcars with conventional power supply, it is particularly suitable for the protection of the environment and of the urban heritage.