The new platform for regional and suburban transportation

The TSR - Treno Servizio Regionale - is the newest born of the new platform for regional and suburban transportation dedicated to the lines with high rate of passengers. It is the backbone of the demanding service on the lines of the Ferrovie Nord and on the Milanese railway bypass.

The new platform for regional and suburban transportation

The train, which represents a deep evolution of the TAF solution, is specifically designed to meet the needs of the commuter traffic in major Italian cities.

It keeps the winning solutions, such as the double-deck configuration for maximum transport capacity and the non-articulated architecture to simplify the composition and the maintenance in depot, but introduces refined improvements, in particular the new totally distributed traction.

The latter allows to maintain high performance and independent of the composition, thus obtaining the maximum flexibility of use.

It is thus exceeded the limit of the performance worsening with the increasing length of the train, because the train fits the needs of the service and of the number of passengers.

Thanks to its acceleration, when it enters the suburban network, the train turns into a metro and quickly releases the track.

TSR is a product that, thanks to a low coefficient of dynamic resistance and to the energy recovery during braking, ensures low consumption.

Main benefits


  • Comfort

New bogie, new interior layout and seats, possibility of bicycles transport, new air conditioning and modern Passenger Information System. Easy access to the upper floor with the new design of the staircase. Areas equipped for the handicapped.

  • Flexibility

The non-articulated architecture allows the rapid composition of units from 3 to 6 vehicles and operation in multiple configurations up to 12 vehicles per train, to meet all the needs in terms of transport capacity.

  • Performance

High and constant in any configuration, with acceleration comparable to a metro for the reduction in journey times.

  • Availability and Reliability

Vehicles with distributed power with high reliability and high redundancy traction system (water-cooled IGBT), for operation even in degraded conditions.

  • Security

Latest generation of Train Operation Control System (SCMT), video-surveillance, fire alarm system with smoke detectors.



Type Motor car witch Cockpit whitout Cockpit
Seats 96 122
Places Stading (4/m2) 91 92
Total seats 187 214
Places HK 1 -
Toilets HK 1 -
Disabled area 2
Max speed 140 km/h
Acceleration 0,9 m/s2
Deceleration 1 ,1 m/s2
Power Supply 680 kW per vehicle
Body meterial: light alloy
Air-conditioned  vehicles
The design of the new layout and interior seats

The design of the new layout and interior seats

Train Operation Control System (SCMT)

Train Operation Control System (SCMT)